Kynaston, Prince of Players, Florentine Opera Oct 12, 14 http://www.florentineopera.org/performances/main-stage-performances/2018-2019-main-stage-performances/prince-of-players/

Sam, Trouble in Tahiti, Lexington Philharmonic Oct 20 https://lexphil.org/201819-season/


The Haunted (premiere), Zoellner Arts Center Mar 2 https://zoellner.cas2.lehigh.edu/content/luvme-salerni-haunted

Soloist, Spring Serenade, Hilton Head Choral Society Mar 22 http://hiltonheadchoralsociety.org/

Recital: Jewel Box: A musical celebration of queer diversity, IlluminArts  Apr. 3 https://www.illuminarts.org/events

Recital: Carol of Words - Walt Whitman in Song, Lyric Fest Apr 6-7,9 http://lyricfest.org/concerts/carol-of-words-walt-whitman-in-song/

Recital: Tyger Circus, WordSong, April 26 https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/4164368

Soloist, What Binds Us Together: The Binding of Isaac Story in Music, Oratorio Chorale May 2, 4 https://oratoriochorale.org/concerts/2017-18-concert-season/

Dr. Ludwig Binswanger, Ellen West (premiere), Opera Saratoga Jun 30, Jul 6, 12  http://www.operasaratoga.org/ellen-west


Elder Tull, Riders of the Purple Sage, Arizona Opera Feb. 28-29, Mar 1, 7-8 https://www.azopera.org/performances/riders-purple-sage